I am Goddexx Mayari, who hails from the night sky, but currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, where I receive tribute and service from my worshippees. I am genderfluid, transcending the boundaries of manhood and womanhood in the same ways that I transcend and redefine what it means to experience pleasure, desire, and pain. I recognize sex(uality) for what it is: a form of nourishment, and a necessary playground for discovering and indulging in desire.

I am both a conduit to and the subject of your desire. Allow yourself to release your stress, worries, and responsibilities as you worship at the altar of my body. Goddexx Mayari is a deity of desire & play, pleasure & pain. I thrive off your worship, whether that be through your acts of service, your willingness to tribute your pain to me, or the simple act of offering me your trust while I use you as I see fit.

Above all, I demand the highest quality of worship, which oftentimes means training my worshippees––not only to better serve me, but also to improve their wellbeing and functioning in their own lives.

I am a highly intelligent and educated dommx and companion. I studied Gender & Sexuality studies in school, where I became fascinated with the ways that power works: the systems of oppression and domination that we live under are inescapable. Combined with my interest in BDSM and my experiences as a queer person of color, this began my journey of exploring these systems of power and domination through kink: I find it to be a powerful tool in teaching and understanding how power works and how it can be subverted in our daily lives and relationships. I strongly believe that BDSM, when practiced safely and effectively, can allow us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves through exploration, self-reflection, and discovery.

While I do not require kink, pain, or humiliation to be part of my sessions, my favorite types of sessions are psychological scenes that promote this type of exploration, self-reflection, and discovery. I challenge you to be vulnerable and allow yourself to submit to desire.

My interests are wide-ranging and diverse, and they include:

  • sensory play
  • electroplay
  • impact/sensation play
  • FF
  • needleplay
  • petplay
  • humiliation/degradation
  • genderplay

I am fully committed to Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Safewords are mandatory, and I accept submissives and requests for companionship from people of any legal age, from all race and gender backgrounds. All sessions are completely legal and based on the mutual understanding that compensation is for time exchanged.

5’6″ | 125lbs | Shoe size 9W/7M

ready to surrender? booking info can be found here*.

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