march 2023

I believe that intimacy and sexuality can be incredibly powerful tools for play and self-exploration, and I aim to cultivate a safe space to embrace that self-exploration. I love to work with My clients to ensure that you are comfortable, and that W/we are able to enact your fantasies in a way that feels safe, sensual, (and extremely fucking hot, of course). I am the embodiment of both sweetness and sadism, affection and cruelty––I have learned to play off each sub’s different energies to best cater to both O/our needs and to help you reach your full potential as a submissive and as a human being.

My interests are incredibly wide-ranging and diverse, but I specialize in electroplay, sensation play, fisting, Mommydomme, and gender play. While I am comfortable subbing/switching over text/phone/vidcall, I do not sub/switch in IRL BDSM sessions.

Ready to serve Me? When approaching, clients may only refer to Me as “Goddexx Haru” or “Master Haku,” no exceptions. I will respect and honor your time, energy, and boundaries so long as that respect is returned and My time, energy, and boundaries are honored as well.